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  1. It's actualy the main thing to pay atention for vault's quality not for speed ( espeacialy for beginers ) . Actualy what i did was almost all vaults with speed ( AMAZING ( best practise for speed vault and pop up ) it goes so cool by tricking chaser using mane tricky moves such a Tick tack ( jump --> | ( jump back from wall <-- | So cool we have to try with more people i swear that was so cool, lots of fun, vaults, speed and practise !!!
  2. I have idia You know those all chasing games you used to play in your childrenhood ? Well now then you "grew up" you can make it again just from other angle. Today, Robert, Tomy and I went to donauinsel in uper flor / platform of "kindergarden" there is great area, lots of space and a lot of walls witch are just made for vaults. // back to idea // so we did kind of childish game ( mixture of hide and seek and chasing ). Rules : They are very simple one guy chasing others runnig from him, game is going into certain area. So main thing is that chaser have to do is catch some other guy ... ( why ? Let me explain it ) The runners making all tricky moves, vaults jumps and rolls ) chaser are not alowed to touch runner then he's making a move , that means that runner can be catched - touched only then running, balancing, rolling ( none of jumping moves - because of safety ). This game is very great training, it's very exosting, but also it makes great felling. By playing players get used to make vaults naturaly. ( speed, dash, cat jump, kash, thief, lazy ect. ) So my offer is maybe we can make something like this in meeting ?
  3. I got permision for that, i swear
  4. my very first sampler after long training ... waiting for comments
  5. Well i'll finish filming tomorrow after school and i'll come with u guys at saturday, cause to take care of camera by practising is like a pin in the ass,
  6. Hey... Is any one free for tomorrow ? 3rd of May ? I need cameraman for my sampler... Please
  7. who wants training at first day of may ? Donauinsel or center.
  8. Hey... i have ask for those whose cummin to tomorrow meeting. I want to finish my sampler and i need cameraman ...
  9. Ouuch ...
  10. yah ... guitar lesson 9:15 to 10:15 afterwards i'm free till about 15pm .
  11. earlier if possible ? I'll be in Kagran at 10:15 free and i don't want to come back home because it's in langenzersdorf... ( far away ) . PS . What happened to ur back ?
  12. Who want's to go for a training on Saturday in donouinsel or somewhere in center ?
  13. http://www.urbanfreeflow.com/the_core_level/pages/archives/dilution.htm nice article ... it makes you think about that[align=left] what u r doing.... [align=center]
  14. haha that would be friggin cool to watch that "championship" but in my opinion parkour shouldn't have competitions because after it parkour would develop to just a sport...
  15. it's just funny
  16. they put it on youtube again. this is classic, and antiquary video ! First pk video in lithuania, first sunshine light in parkour sky of Lithuania actually i proud of it
  17. Found it found it ^^ haha i knew it that it supose to be somewhere !!! Let me introduce you to this video : Guy with blue coat and jeans and black hairs is Seishin In this video he's about 15-16 In that times he used nickname : Demon ^^
  18. skipping tomorrow because of German test Naah just kidding, i want practice tomorrow so im skipping school
  19. anyone would like to go with me and Robert for training tomorrow in donouinsel at 9 ?
  20. Firstly thanks for translating to English Secondly I need t-shirt for sure and a pullover or jumper if it's possible.
  21. thanks. And as I said today i would like to find the way to get those "parkour - Vienna" T-shirt. Hmm if someone knows where can i make pullover, jumper t-shirt with logo please tell me
  22. Lithuania tracer trip to Berlin, training with local tracers in there.
  23. Thanks for training today I really enjoyed this meeting
  24. here is one http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1780314473783383108&hl=en Somewhere in Lithuania. My opinion some of moves are pretty cool, but all video structure is pretty simple.
  25. In this Topic i'll try to add some training videos and samplers of lithuanian tracers just to see how they practising and what they can. I hope u'll find out some new moves or new abilities for yourselves


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