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  1. Gginn liked a comment on a calendar event by B_DIV in Winter Jam 2016/2017   
    Well... Kathi told me that she's more concerned about the minors, but i think it's not a big deal to just sign a piece of paper
    The 35 people wasn't my choice, it's what the Müller Bräu told us last year. Which means you don't have to tell me anything. If we're too many we and they have to deal with it somehow. I don't really know what will happen if they cannot provide enough space =D.
  2. Gginn liked a comment on a calendar event by DekiGk in Winter Jam 2016/2017   
    Do people of almost 30 years also have to sign this agreement or is this only for minors?

    Is the lunch/dinner limited to 35 people and what is the last possible time to let you know whether I will join?
  3. Gginn liked a comment on a calendar event by suppmpeda in Fullmoon Madness   
    Damals, als ich noch so aussah 


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