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  1. I found this video in my FB feed from Parkour Paris. I tried these exercises today before training, took me around 10 mins to do them. Finished training (not really stressing my knees much as I am getting over my injury), and I immediately felt much better. I feel like I have properly stretched my tendons around the knees which are kind of hard to exactly hit with the traditional stretching exercises we do regularly. Might be useful to @TOM as well
  2. I think there is one familiar face here, right? Great camera work!
  3. Spot decision?
  4. Nice video, but kind of like a click bait title really...
  5. Spot decision: Schubertpark
  6. Rennbahnweg vielleicht?
  7. Spot decision: Schwendermarkt
  8. until
    As the title says we will do only 5 basic PK techniques but a lot of times, hence the word Repetition. Repetition is the key! Techniques we will be focusing on today are: Quadrupedal movement Lazy Vault Climb Ups (Saut de bras) Kong vaults (Saut de chat) Precision We meet here: https://goo.gl/maps/vRUaUnfyZPm The spot is behind the buildings of the main street and towards McDonalds. Bring your energy and just do it!
  9. Spot decision?
  10. It was working yesterday, but now, no more...
  11. One of my favourite traceurs. Enjoy!


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