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  1. Oh we are doing this? Ok, challenge accepted. I will post my pic from solo training madness next week.
  2. @theSuess Why do I learn about this only now, and only from my random Google Search. You might have told me about it, but if you did I completely forgot. So, sorry about that. Oh boy, this is really cool. I would like to help with the WebApp version, and maybe (if you decide) with a Hybrid app version (I could pick up React Native pretty fast I guess). Lets talk next time we see each other about this, I would really love to kickstart this project back up. Btw, I found this app as well: Looks more polished and professional. At least from the screenshots. I will test both over next period of time and give you a full feedback round. :)))
  3. Spot decision: Donauinsel
  4. Rennbahnweg +1 Donauinsel +1
  5. until

    I will be a bit late but I am coming.
  6. until
    Was? Wann? 19:00 Wo? Donauinsel U1, Abgang Hubertusdamm, bei den Treppen Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Ausgang von der Treppe blockiert ist. Sie können den Ausgang von der Brücke benutzen Wer? DU!
  7. Spot decision: Schwendermarkt


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