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  1. Spot decision: Renbahnweg
  2. I would like to lead the beginners training today plus maybe the warmup as one of my colleagues will come for the first time.
  3. Shit, I didn't see the fine grafitti over there...
  4. Spot decision :Schwendermarkt. Google maps: Schwarzer Adler Platz
  5. Someone forgot this today on FM. Do you know who?
  6. I found this video in my FB feed from Parkour Paris. I tried these exercises today before training, took me around 10 mins to do them. Finished training (not really stressing my knees much as I am getting over my injury), and I immediately felt much better. I feel like I have properly stretched my tendons around the knees which are kind of hard to exactly hit with the traditional stretching exercises we do regularly. Might be useful to @TOM as well
  7. I think there is one familiar face here, right? Great camera work!
  8. Spot decision?
  9. Nice video, but kind of like a click bait title really...
  10. Spot decision: Schubertpark
  11. Rennbahnweg vielleicht?


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