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I Missed The... Wall

This is a little video showing what happened to me at imax in London.

The story begins on 27 of April, 2011 when after school I decided to go training with two of my school mates, so we went straight to London as we had our PE kits on us to change in to when we get there. After a good session at festival pier we decided to go imax. While worming up I had a go at kong precisioning the level walls about 7 times, and found my self overshooting each one. This made me think that I maybe could kong speedpass it, and I decided to go for it. After 3 trys I got it, not very clean but nevertheless I was happy with my self. However as I was there after school I didn't have my camera on me so I planed to came back there tomorrow, get it cleaner and record it on video. On the 28th, the next day I arrived in London ready to get it recorded and train afterwards. After about 7 warm up go's I got the camera out and decided to give it all I had. Took a nice run up and bang, konged the wall. My hands slipped and I hit both of my knees on the wall. This shoot me up into the air, flying head first into the wall. It felt like a really bad dream. However I somehow cough the wall with my right hand, tuck my head in and after hitting the wall with my back, land onto my feet. Straight away I started to walk up the ramp hoping that I hadn't done any bad damage to my body. I knew that my knees would be badly bruised and that I will probably have a sprained wrist. When I got to the top my mates grabbed me and put me on the bench. The pain was getting stronger and stronger, and after a wile I calmed my self down and went home.

But this was not the end. When trying to get my health back the only thing I was thinking about was doing it again. Exactly two weeks later on the 12th of May 2011, I came back to try to get rid of my fear and just at least kong the wall. Straight away I got a massive mind block that would not let me do it. However I decided to try again. I stood there for 2 hours preparing and trying to get my self to finally do it. I know I did not kong precision or speedpass the wall, however for me it was already a win just to get my self to kong over the well. This was definitely one of the hardest and most challenging things in parkour I have ever done.

I do NOT want to sound poetical or anything like that, but I just wanted to share this story of mine with everyone and hopefully safe someone from doing the same thing as me, which I do not wish anyone to. So everyone keep safe and watch out just a little bit more when you go imax and try to kong this very slippery wall.

Much Love to Everyone

Karol Michta xxx


easy double neckbreaker.... awesome save!

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Damn.. Hätte wie so oft sehr schlimm ausgehen können! Glück gehabt..

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