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Team Kaizen Training

Hier ist was nützliches, dieser Artikel ist auf Englilsch, falls jemand Probleme hat, kann ich es übersetzen. Wirklich alles was man braucht, ist nicht schwer zu verstehen.

Passt auch beim schlechten Wetter, wenn es regnet oder kalt ist :D

(hab es selbst probiert - gar nicht gefährlich :P )

[align=center][shadow=gray]Kaizen Training[/shadow][/align]

First stage:

Conditioning is very important to building a strong vehicle (body) for parkour and acrobatics.

By sticking to a regiment of various exercises one can build the strength needed to execute both basic and high level movements in the most fluid and efficient ways possible.

Conditioning is a great confidence builder if one's body is at its physical peak your mental factors will increase, hence fear will not become such a huge factor (not to be confused mental conditioning is a whole other area of training). One must strive to be balanced both physically and mentally, in this way the “path” becomes a little more visible.

Everyone has a beginning, so don't be frustrated. All conditioning is hard. Stay focused, Commit! , and Follow through. By following those simple rules any task can be overcome

Believe and know that the conditioning is for your benefit and no one else, and you will come to find the joy that is improvement.

Second stage:

Physical input

When conditioning you should either start “top to bottom” or from the “ground up”

In laments terms: lower body, torso (core, abs), arms, and fingers.

Important warm up and stretch before conditioning, this improves blood flow and range of motion, this produces healthy muscles! “Lengthen then strengthen”~



Bounders aka bunny hops

With Straight legs hop forward or in place jumping your max every time this conditions fast twitch muscles needed for explosive power

Beginner - 50 / Advanced - 100

Calf raises

This conditions slow twitch muscles needed for endurance and over all fiber strength. Find a wall or stationary object. Stand in front of it stand as straight as possible on the balls of your feet. Now extend to your fullest while maintaining balance on the ball of your feet, full up and down motion. No cheating! Heels down - heels up full!

Beginner - 50 / Advanced - 100

Knees! Very important!


Bend knees until thighs are parallel to the floor then extend back to standing position, make sure to keep your back straight, so that you maintain a proper seated position this also builds strength for landings and rolls

Beginner - 50 / Advanced - 100

Hopping squats

Same movement but with a jump at the end of every squat these should be done in succession.

Beginner - 25 / Advanced - 50


Abdominal strength very important - nuff said!

50 - 100 sit-ups

50 - 100 crunches

50 - 100 heel touches - lie flat on your back and alternate reaching for your heels in succession.

50 twisting sit-ups

Arms, Phalanges (fingers)

15 - 25 handstand pushups

50 - 100 push ups

25 - 50 hopping push ups- hopping at your max height for each one

1min handstand

Fingers, find a ledge or any object to hang from and just hang out! For as long as possible!


This is only the tip of the workout requirements needed to become super efficient, because we must never stop training! Ever improving!

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