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[Mokka-Fav] Burton presents [SNOWBOARDING]

This fall, Burton presents [sNOWBOARDING], a four episode web series highlighting the riding in four distinct environments: Backcountry, Street, Resort, and Women's. Featuring the riding of Jeremy Jones, Mark Sollors, Mikey Rencz, Jussi Oksanen, Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Mikkel Bang, Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, Ethan Deiss, Zak Hale, Kimmy Fasani and more riding in locations all around the world. Dropping every two weeks starting 9/13, the videos will be available to download for free on burton.com/snowboarding and snowboarding.transworld.net.BACKCOUNTRY Friday 9/13STREET Friday 9/27WOMENS Friday 10/11RESORT Friday 10/25Riders: Jeremy Jones, Mark Sollors, Roope Tonteri, Peetu Piiroinen, Nicolas Müller, Ethan Deiss, Zak Hale, Danny Davis, Hannah Teter, Werni Stock, Kimmy Fasani, Kelly Clark, Mikey Rencz, Jussi Oksanen, Arielle Gold, Alek Oestreng, Marko Grilc, Enni Rukajärvi, Cilka Sadar, Terje Haakonsen, Mark McMorris, Red Gerard, Christian Haller, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Brock Crouch. Flimed by:Corey Koniniec Tim ManningJustin Eeles HotwingGabe L'HeureuxAndro KajzerSam NuttmanMatti OllilaAlex AdrianMark CernosiaMichael Gardzina Additional Footage provided by:Standard FilmsRed Bull Edited By:Mark Cernosia Special thanks to:Freefly Movi - http://www.movirig.com Sound Design & Audio Mixing:Bruce Gibbs Cabin 46 Studios & Joseph Egan Music:"Comm to Space" Performed by Rough Francis from the Album Maximum Soul Powerhttp://www.roughfrancis.com/http://roughfrancis.bandcamp.com/

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Gegründet im Sommer 2004. Mit tausenden registrierten Mitgliedern im Forum, ist es die größte Parkour-Plattform Österreichs und ein Grundstein der österreichischen Community.