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Ich möchte mich vorstellen)

I am studding in WU, but English is better for me yet)

My name is Danil

I come from Russia

I was already on few Sunday Forum Trainings, and I am planing to visit each one) 

I am 28

I was training in 2010 in Russia, but then I have pausa for a year and half, till now, and now I am beginning to train more and harder)

Looking where I can buy Kalenji shoes)


I want to organise regular training on Wensday evenings. I am looking for people who want to train with me. I can lead a good warm-up with a lot of stretching and then we can train together. I can help to the beginners and to teach them a little bit. If any of pro will come and teach us smth - it will be great! If not, we will train what we know.

Time: 18:30

Meeting point: outside the Neubaugasse U-bahn Station

Training place: Haus des Meeres
Um das Haus des Meeres gibt es mehrere gute Möglichkeiten zu trainieren. Erreichbar ist der Spot über die U3 Station Neubaugasse oder den 13A und 14A

My contacts: Danil - facebook

We will wait 10 minutes. If you are late more, than just come to the spot. You can find the spot on the Spot-Map

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I did not understood where I should wright if I want to be added on a Members-Map?

so, could admins add me, pls?)


Spittelauer Lände 10, 1090 Wien

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Hi Danil =)


you may create an event in our calendar for your training. That way more people will see it.

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I'd recommend not not post your phone number to a public website


If you're logged in and visit => on the top right should be the options to put your location into the spot- and member-map


I'd also prefer adding the event every week, instead of an re-occuring event for the (whole) next year... you won't be able to participate every wednesday - please change that and add it every week, if you know the meeting will happen.

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