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Author: Blane

Happy new year everybody!

Just a quick update to say I thought the new year was a good opportunity to start a training diary; detailing my daily training, thoughts, progression etc. I'm going to spend 5-10 minutes every night writing and it should be fun to look back on in years to come.

Why not start your own diary? You only have two days to catch up on and from there it will only take a few minutes per day...

Filming for my new video began last week and I'm happy with the movements I've captured. Once edited, it will be about 20 seconds long - so there's still a long way to go to get that up to around 3-4 minutes that I'm satisfied enough with to release.

There's a lot of new stuff I have planned that will not only be fun to film, but will mark a definite progression in my ability as I refuse to just repeat movements I've shown in previous videos.

Half of the movements I want to show in this video I haven't ever done before but I feel ready for them now, more than ever (one thing in particular I've been looking at for over two years).

More filming this weekend...



Source: Blane's Training Blog

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