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Sebastien Foucan , regarded in the community as one of the fathers of the discipline, sounding the alarm about the evolution of Parkour / Freerunning recent years doorbell at the expense of its original values ​​. At the request of the Federation , he wrote a message to the French community, we send you today.


" I'm tired of these people who contact me to participate in their competitions ! Obviously they do not know me , or they do not care much ! Which makes sense in this world , where respect is lost and self-interest becomes more important! We are in survival mode ! ( Primitive )

I do not care what Parkour , Freerunning , etc. ... has become! It is now a sport and a business in the wrong way! I do not like to be associated with what is known so-called " founders " because I do not believe in such things. We were friends before all this, and for me it was the most important! A movement is just a movement, and it is not what counts in the end!

The only thing that I created for myself, this is my own way, my " journey" , and it is a constantly evolving process .

It was the brainchild of freerunning , but now it has disappeared

Beautiful thank you to David for bringing what has now become a fad ! I know that without him there would be nothing today , and thank you to all others who contributed to make it grow so much!

In addition,

I've had enough of these energy drinks ... Craps with their rotten products and beautiful videos to attract the world. But this is only my opinion !

With " those athletes who are happy because they travel around the world" I think traveling the world leads nowhere if we do not really know where to look ... True freedom is you know ! What we should look for is different, and is closer to an art or a lifestyle .

Here's a lesson on the value :

 Steve McDermott said in a video history of Mohamed Ali which changed its name in one evening. Formerly Cassius Clay refused the name because it was the name of a slave who had been assigned. Then came the Vietnam War . Being unfit he should not go, but the government was that it was too noisy , so it was finally deemed fit , as if by magic . He refused to go on War 2 : 1 / Vietnamese have made ​​him nothing 2 / is contrary to his religion , values ​​was told : " If you refuse we will remove your champion , it makes you a heavy fine $ 10,000 and puts you in jail for 5 years ! " Ali replied : " I will not go anyway"

 He therefore condemned !

The moral :


Gandhi and Mandela I recommend for those who do not know what it is to " fight peacefully " for ideals !

Sebastian "

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