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[Kuch0r-Favs] Cet automne, on essaie de s'étonner.

DOWNLOAD THE SOUNDTRACK HERE:"En automne, on essaie de s'étonner."A film by L'1consolableTraceurs: Wesley Marcheron, Mohamed Larbes, Samuel Gvdn, Théo Baijot, L'1consolable.Camera: L'1consolable, Wesley Marcheron, Mohamed Larbes, Samuel Gvdn.Editing: L'1consolableMusic: L'1consolable DOWNLOAD IT HERE: in Paris (France) in november and december 2013.This video shows some parts of our recent trainings, and reflects how these trainings have been influenced by the sessions we had with Winston Spennert some monthes ago as well as my trainings with my german friends in the beginning of November.Basically, these trainings we had with Winston and the german traceurs inspired us a lot, and made us try to train in a more creative way. It wasn't something completely new to me, as I've always been convinced that creativity is a very important part of parkour which leaded me to train my imagination since the very beginning. But these people inspired me a lot, and gave me plenty of new ideas, which resulted in a lot more opportunities in every bit of every training I had since then. In this video, just as in "Parkour, imaginatively.", parkour isn't displayed as a means of locomotion but as a training method. It means that not every move is supposed to be efficient like it should be in a real-life situation where one could have to use parkour to escape for example. While training, imagination is used to make the situations more and more complex, to train harder, become stronger, and be more ready when the real-life situation will come. Just as when anyone does a precision jump over a road he's acting like he cannot touch the road itself and has to go from one side to the other, we are imagining when we train that we cannot use this or that, touch this or that, that we have to go this way through this and that, or using only this or that. This results in challenges that give us the opportunity to train harder and explore new paths and ways to overcome obstacles, which allows us to complete our technical skills, work on our inventivity, and strenghten our bodies while playing."We have to go back to the child attitude". (Sébastien Foucan)Follow L'1consolable on Facebook:­­33715922Read and watch more about parkour here:

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Gegründet im Sommer 2004, online seit 01/2006. ist das read-only Archiv der größten Parkour-Plattform im deutschsprachigen Raum und Grundstein der österreichischen Community.
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