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[TeamADD]Detailed Lisses Report (part 1)

rssIcon.gif Detailed Lisses Report (part 1)

Bonjour mesdames et messieurs,

i dunno how it came up, but apparently i was supposed to write a report of our community trip to lisses.

So alright here we go..

We met at thursday, the 19th of july at the airport and the most of were all excited for it being the first trip to lisses. Martin chilled [...]

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Bonjour mesdames et messieurs,

i dunno how it came up, but apparently i was supposed to write a report of our community trip to lisses.

So alright here we go..

We met at thursday, the 19th of july at the airport and the most of were all excited for it being the first trip to lisses. Martin chilled with his new short haircut like "i was thur twice already, dat all aint new fo me". The first big shock was that Johnny's wallet seemed to be stolen. After several searches it turned out that his ID card was gone and he couldent check in or anything. He had to decide to stay in Berlin for the present and try to follow us to France later.

After a flight one could describe at pretty eventless (maybe except that Pablo entertained every person sitting behing him by holding up a drawing created by his little brother Simon, which showed a cartoon of Pablo with a giant dick), we arrived at Paris Orly, did our first sauts de chat on France terrain and met Anja from Munich, the media contact woman of ParkourONE, traceuse and good friend.

At least an hour of bus, walk, train, walk, bus and walk later we hit the goal of our march, the legendary F1 hostel in Lisses/Courcouronnes.

This is where we hooked up with Robert, who arrived in Lisses a few days earlier for shooting some footage for MTV and hanging out with his new buddy David B., or better lets say D. Belle.

Few heartly men hugs later we could move into our king and senior suites, watching first class french TV on those 32″ plasma screens.

Next important thing on the schedule was a visit at the old Lady of the Lake watching a sweet sunset.

In the evening we met Laurent from the Yamakasi training at the Lac with his dog and agreed on a training session on monday morning.

Then we had some rather chilled training session in Lisses before crawling in our martial beds.

The next day there happened one cool and one bad thing. The cool, Johnny showed up after fighting some serious battles with the german bureaucracy and the local traffic complicated by the french language. Next round of heartly men hugs.

We had some awesome training sessions in Lisses, at the stone circle, at the old city wall and in the woods on the keep-fit trail.

During the day Theo managed to fall hard on his left ass cheek not less that four times (that has not been done by any traceur in Lisses before him), which was as bizarre, as it was funny and painfull.

The really bad thing, martin slipped doing some whatever called armjump to armjump movement and hurt his foot pretty bad (of course we cursed and excommunivated the slippery wall instantly), which turned out to be a ligament rupture. So we had to carry him back to the hotel and putting him under the influence of some serious painkiller drugs until he was able to smile again.

Lots of nerves, phone calls and euros later a flight back to berlin was booked for the next day at 6.30 a.m.

Waking up at 4 a.m., noticing that the front desk dude booked the cab for 4, and not for 4.30 as we told him, noticing that the car of the dude (he kindly offered to give Martin a lift to Orly) had only 2 seats, so our (at leas relatively) french expert Dag couldn't assist Martin, going to sleep again at 4.45.

Later that day Max, who had to care for some stuff in Berlin, arrived at Lisses, which especially was a pleasure for Caro, his girlfriend; lots of men hugs nevertheless.

We spent the entire saturday in Courcouronnes training and filming. We hooked up with Dirk and a few other traceurs from Köln, Paul and Nils from Hamburg and Armend from Switzerland. We also made some traceur sight-seeing to the man power jump, witch was critically checked out by Armend for a frightening long time.

Later we had another real inspirational and cool training session in Lisses with all the guys.

Sunday was La Defense Day. Unfortunately both Paul and Armend slightly hurt their ankles, which doesn't stopped them from doing almost everything we others did, but one-legged. We also met some local traceurs at the spots who turned out to be really skilled. The spots are really awesome and universal. From easy ground-level precision jumps to running over the balustrade in a height of approx. 20 meters, nearly everything is possible. We had some of the most intense, inspirational and pushing trainings ever experienced.

We all felt that ,the different from each other we are, we're all kind of united by the love to, the fun at and addiction to movement. The great time we had during these trainings, but also during the hilarious talks and the frisky circles in the evenings, the band of friendship that has been tied and fastened can not be descibed by words.

This has especially been encouraged by the physical training session we had with Laurent on Monday Morning (actually it was in the middle of the night, but so we could award us some discipline..).

Basicly its running, jumping, push-ups. (It would be too long to describe and explain all the exercises here.) But to torture ourselves until complete exhaustion has showed us how unready and weak our bodies are, which is above all a barrier for the mind. It was really inspirational, how enduring and strong the body of Laurent was in contrast to ours.

We all have learned that to achieve higher goals we have to train harder and more. Lots of us have already carried this into out own training back at home.

At this point we really want to thank Laurent once more for his commitment, and the great time he gave us later that day at lunch (thanks to Yann, too!).

Later something pretty thrilling happened.

We were told to run into the woods behing the Dame du Lac in case of the police coming towards us. We had some chilled training at the Dame with a traceur fromt Czechia when we spotted some cops at the other side of the lake. So we took to our heels and (kind of parkour-style) left the area. When we were about to run into the woods the Czech traceur told us to chill down for they cant harm us for anything since we were on the Dame no more. He sounded kind of like he'd know the laws and shit and i think we were way to excited to raise that to question.

Anyways, 5 minutes later we stood face to the wall, legs spreaded and some asshole cops told us to shut up.

We owe Anja big one for coming along incidentally and convincing the cops (including the robocop encforcement they called in prolly because we were like 10+ guys) not to take us to the station and not to force us to pay 130? each for illicit trespassing. Thanks Anja!

So remember: Escalade Interdite! And run the fuck into the woods!

On tuesday most of us, including me, returned to Berlin. So this report will end here. I hope it to be continued by someone of those who stayed until thursday.

I want to thank everybody for the great time. To say it with Markus' words:

>> Das Training mit euch allen, das Toast schmieren mit Theo, witze reißen mit Puschen, mit Oli rumblödeln, mit Chris batteln, mit Robert andere nerven, mit Ben quarckiges Englisch sprechen, Martins duft vom Addidas Hemd (hahahahaha ich geb dir das demnächst wieder), Dag beim singen zuhören und zu sehen wie er Orangina trinkt, Johnny chillen zu sehen, Christians ergeiz beim training, dann noch Anja, Anja, Anja, Anja..^^, Pablos und Simons spanische gebrabbel, Nils Kamera geklicke, Caro & Max sowie Nicole & Ben händchen halten sehen und Armends stilles schweigen. All dies fehlt mir so sehr!!

Ansich war der Trip unbeschreiblich schön.<<

Hope to see you guys from outside of Berlin soon!

Greets to Hamburg, Köln (and especially Stade) and Switzerland!



Source: Team ADD Berlin

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