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[APK-News]Make A(PK) Wish

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APK originally began with the simple idea of spreading a positive image of parkour and freerunning to the American community, promoting safe training, a source of news and information to traceurs and freerunners, and a way for the world to see what we were doing on the streets of cities across the nation. But somewhere along the way it became something more. Because somewhere along the way parkour became something more, what originally began as training became lifestyle, what once was movement became inspiration, and those who once were innovators became heroes. Across the globe people have begun to look to parkour for more than safe passage from point A to point B, but also a path in life. It has brought together people from different cities, different states, and different countries. And recently it brought Johan Perfors, 14, of Norrkoping, Sweden a bit closer to someone he looks up to. APK received a message that this young man was a huge fan of David Belle and was truly interested in parkour, now while we can't pack Belle in a box and mail him to Sweden, we could send a signed copy of a B-13 poster from David's trip to New York. We've recently heard back from Johan's teacher Eva who says that he was truly happy to receive something from the man himself. Hopefully this only goes to on to motivate him in his further training, but what it truly shows is that something that started in France, has come to America, and travelled all the way to Sweden. This little game of follow the leader has carried its message from suburb to city and back again and with every step brought this world closer together. Read more to see Johan with the poster.

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Publish Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 07:53:07 +0100


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