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New to parkour (English speaking too)

Hi guys!

I really want to try out parkour but I'm a total beginner but would really like to try it out. I was wondering if there's anyone or a group of beginners that also speaks English (because I don't speak German :P) and would be interested

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Hi Mekieloo,


welcome! I think almost everyone in Vienna who trains Parkour speaks English, at least fair enough to converse about movements ;) You are welcome to show up to any of our meetings, and we don't mind switching to english for you, we do that on a regular basis.

For meetings, see our "Meeting-Calendar" on top or follow the "shoutbox" at the top of the forum.

We often welcome and support beginners during our Sunday Meetings (Forummeeting) or Thursday conditioning sessions (Evening Madness), so don't be afraid to show up and say hi in Person. 

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