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[PkGenerations] The Debrief: PKGen Questions Caleb Iuliano


The Debrief puts questions to people from every aspect of the global parkour community - from lifelong practitioners to newcomers to professional coaches and performers, from every country and from all walks of life. Exclusively at


Name: Caleb Iuliano

Age: 23

Location: Orlando, Florida

Parkour group/team: Team Rilla Hops


Parkour Generations: How long have you been a Traceur?

Caleb Iuliano: 5 years


PKG: What movements are you currently working on?

CI: I'm not working on any specific movements really. Lately I've been focusing on making all of my movement second nature. I've been working on making each movement so natural that I never have to think about it. I want to be able to perform any combination of movements, at any time, from any position, in any order, first try, every time. Thats my goal right now.


PKG: What percentage of your training is conditioning?

CI: Strength training is probably close to 50% of my training. I train parkour 5-7 days a week, then I go home and strength train 5 days a week. I enjoy lifting and gymnastics style calisthenics. I spend a lot of time trying to make my body as strong as possible.


PKG: Favourite strength and conditioning exercise?

CI: I'm not really sure that I have a favorite exercise, but I really enjoy heavy lifts. I enjoy heavy squats and dead lifts a lot. Being able to lift heavier and more explosively every week makes me feel pretty good and powerful.


PKG: Who or what is your biggest influence?

CI: I've trained with quite a few people who really inspired me, and I always try to take something away from each place that I travel to and the people that I train with. Out of everyone I've trained with, there are a few who just really stuck with me and inspired me, so my biggest influences are probably as follows:

Phosky: I loved training with Phosky. He has such a fluid, powerful style and moves so naturally. Beautiful movement and control. I worked really hard to improve my tech and ability to just move after being around him.

Mich Todorovic: Mich is such an amazing athlete. His warrior like mindset and drive to constantly push himself really resonates with me. Mich is just a massively powerful human and he really inspired me to keep pushing myself harder every day.

Callum Powell: Callum again, just like Phosky and Mich is someone that was just constantly pushing himself and trained really hard the whole time I was around him. His tech is amazing and his stride power is among the greatest I've ever seen. His mental ability to just do anything he knows he can do regardless of how terrifying it seems really inspired me.

Greg Eckels: I recently had the pleasure of training with Greg in my own spots here in Florida. He came down and did jumps that I never imagined possible and opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those of us that train here. Greg is another person who amazed me with his mental. His confidence in his abilities really inspired me to work on my mental even more.

On top of those beastly athletes, the rest of my friends from Rilla Hops are super inspiring athletes. They're always just pushing things further and constantly progressing. The majority of my progress just comes from trying to keep up with all the beastly things they do.


PKG: What were your reasons for starting training / what are your reasons for training now?

CI: My original reason for training was that it made me feel free. It opened a door to something I didn't know was possible. Growing up I was always really frustrated with the limitations of the human body and when I first discovered parkour, my perception of human limitation was kind of shattered.

My reasons for training now are still very similar but go even further. I want to live at the edge of human potential. I want to be able to move how I want, when I want, with no hesitation or limitation. I want to experience everything in life, and training parkour has been a very good tool that has helped to experience things that I love like traveling, adventuring, and pushing myself in all different ways.


PKG: Current favourite training location and why?

CI: My favorite place to train is Vigo, Spain. I just love it there. The community is amazing, the spots are amazing. Every time I go there, I progress so much and create so many new memories with amazing friends. Some of the best moments of my life have been spent there.


PKG: Item in your bag you couldn't go training without?

CI: I dont really think theres anything that I couldn't train with out. I dont need anything specific to train. Im pretty sure I can train any time, any place, in any situation.


PKG: How do you approach breaking a jump?

CI: Usually I just look at the jump, decide if I can do it or not, figure out what needs to happen and what my bail options are, figure out my run up, and then I just breath out really hard and go. If its really mental, sometimes I have to test the jump a few times to get comfortable, but lately especially, I've tried really hard not to test any jumps. I've been trying really hard to just look at them, and then do them first try. I use a hard breath as a trigger, so when I'm ready, I breath out really hard, and as soon as that happens I know its time to commit.


PKG: Where do you see Parkour in 10 years time?

CI: In 10 years parkour will probably be at a whole new level. People are progressing so fast these days. In ten years, it will probably be common to see kids easily hitting jumps that current practitioners consider massive. Its just going to keep evolving all the time. As soon as one person does a jump, it becomes possible for everyone else. Then all it takes is one person to add something to it or make it harder and all of a sudden everyone's on a new level.


PKG: One piece of advice to those just starting out:

CI: Make your body strong, perfect your tech, experience everything, try everything, push yourself, and most of all live. Parkour is a tool, use it to live the most amazing life that you can.


Thanks Caleb!

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