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[PkGenerations] The Debrief: PKGen Questions Martino Chen


The Debrief puts questions to people from every aspect of the global parkour community - from lifelong practitioners to newcomers to professional coaches and performers, from every country and from all walks of life. Exclusively at


Name: Martino Chen

Age: 28

Location: Shanghai, China

Parkour group/team: LINK Parkour


Parkour Generations: How long have you been a Traceur?

Martino Chen: 6 years


PKG: What movements are you currently working on?

MC: Kong-gainer


PKG: What percentage of your training is conditioning?

MC: 37.5%


PKG: Favourite strength and conditioning exercise?

MC: Squat jumps


PKG: Who or what is your biggest influence?

MC: Australian Parkour Association (Being in Australia for 2 years, learnt a lot with APA)


PKG: What were your reasons for starting training / what are your reasons for training now?

MC: I thought I could do Parkour when I first saw the movie District 13. I started just as a hobby. Now Parkour has changed my life, I live on doing Parkour performances and coaching Parkour as a fitness discipline. I have to keep training myself as I am getting old.


PKG: Current favourite training location and why?

MC: I have trained in so many cities in the world. So far, Melbourne has won the title of the best city for Parkour from me. There're a dozens of good Parkour spots in the city, all walking/jogging distance. Perfect! However, London and Shanghai both have many sick spots to train at.


PKG: Item in your bag you couldn't go training without?

MC: Water bottle


PKG: How do you approach breaking a jump?

MC: Make up a progression in a safe environment and keep doing it until it becomes really natural.


PKG: Where do you see Parkour in 10 years time?

MC: It will change the way PE is taught in schools. Also Parkour gyms should be available in every major cities in the world.


PKG: One piece of advice to those just starting out:

MC: Never ignore strength and conditioning, being strong is your best protection.


Thanks Martino!

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