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[PkGenerations] The Debrief: PKGen Questions Nicolas Vanhole


The Debrief puts questions to people from every aspect of the global parkour community - from lifelong practitioners to newcomers to professional coaches and performers, from every country and from all walks of life. Exclusively at


Name: Nicolas Vanhole

Age: 23

Location: Leuven, Belgium

Parkour group/team: I have no team, I'm just training with friends all the time.


Parkour Generations: How long have you been a Traceur?

Nicolas Vanhole: I guess 8 years so far.


PKG: What movements are you currently working on?

NV: Backward precisions, backward swings (lache) and  swing 180° precision.


PKG: What percentage of your training is conditioning?

NV: 20%


PKG: Favourite strength and conditioning exercise?

NV: Handstand push-up/different kinds of push-ups.


PKG: Who or what is your biggest influence?

NV: That might be Joel Eggimann from Switzerland, he's a really tall guy but the way he moves is so fluent. His runs are always really creative and he's a really kind and funny person.


PKG: What were your reasons for starting training / what are your reasons for training now?

NV: I saw the movie 'Yamakasi' when I was younger and that was my first impression of parkour. I used to do gymnastics and I was sick and tired of all those rules so I wanted to do something where I had to be my own trainer. Some years later I quit gymnastics and started parkour. My biggest reason for training at the moment is that you can travel the world and see places not that many people will see and you meet people who have the same interests as you. And that's all because we like jumping on walls.


PKG: Current favourite training location and why?

NV: I've been to Bustree (Cambridge) once and that might still be my favourite location. The way you can move in that tree is incredible and I like swings!


PKG: Item in your bag you couldn't go training without?

NV: Water, lots of water.


PKG: How do you approach breaking a jump?

NV: If I don't feel ready for a new jump, I think about it a lot when I'm about to fall asleep. And then, all of a sudden,  there is the moment you're feeling ready to do the jump. Sometimes that can be the next training and sometimes that might be months later. Before I jump, I check everything. Is everything strong, is the path clear? When I jump I want to do it a few times untill it's perfect for me. I also try to practice jumps in less ideal circumstances, like when the wall is very slippery or it's wet. when you can make a jump in those conditions, that's when you know you're able to do the jump.


PKG: Where do you see Parkour in 10 years time?

NV: I hope that more and more people will understand parkour and the reasons why we train. Also that the government will understand that parkour can be a good influence in society and for the health of people. I also hope that more and more people from around the world start moving more at school. Moving in different ways and not in just one 'correct' way because that's what prevents kids being creative.  


PKG: One piece of advice to those just starting out:

NV: Start slowly and focus on small techniques. Be sure your body is ready before you jump.  Body control is more important than distance.


Thanks Nicolas!

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