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[PkGenerations] Can't do Parkour? James Rudge Proves You Wrong.


We often hear people saying they would love to start parkour but they can't due to being too unfit, uncoordinated, old, out of shape or some similar limitation - when we know full well that anyone in the world can take up parkour and benefit from it, no matter what physical state they are in. Anyone still thinking otherwise should take a look at the inspirational James Rudge in this BBC article, a young man with only one arm who has become proficient in the discipline.

For Rudge, who was born with his lower forearm missing, navigating environments is not new to him.

"I have always been climbing things," he says. "Even as a kid I'd be scaling trees and running around." He says he has never had reason to consider how having one arm affects him physically, and even in parkour he only focuses on what he can do.

Parkour is truly for everyone with the willingness and desire to find out what their body and mind can do. 

To find out what you can do, come to one of our 30 weekly classes across and around London and we'll get you started right.

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