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[Kuch0r-Favs] Go Explore - Again and Again

GO EXPLOREThis video shows the outtakes (Bails and fails) about my last project #Go #ExploreProduction: Adán Pérez Plaza (@adanperezplaza)Filmed with Canon EOS 600D, edited with Final Cut Pro and adobe premiere pro Cs6Filmed By: Esther Pazo, Sergi Balsells, Aral Roca Gomez, Sergi Fernandez, Shasha y David. humano a buscado y busca siempre explorar, como parte intrínseca de nuestro ser, para conectar con aquello que nos rodea. Desde que descubrí el parkour, he podido explotar esa capacidad que sin esta práctica no hubiera despertado en mí, y habría perdido una parte de mí como todas aquellas personas que se adaptan a lo que la sociedad les implanta como vía o único camino a seguir. Explora, siente, disfruta, viaja, haz amigos, comparte con tu familia, con la naturaleza, no tengas miedo a que tus sentimientos fluyan como tu crees que deberían fluir. Nadie te conoce más que tú mismo, escucha, pero crea tus propias lecciones.ENGThe human being has looked for and will always look for exploration, as an intrinsic part of our being. Since I discovered parkour, I've been able to exploit that capacity which without all this practice wouldn't have manifested itself in me, and I would have lost a part of me as well as all those people loose it when they decise to adapt to what society imposes on us as the only road available to follow. Explore, feel, enjoy, travel, make friends, share with your family, with naturality, don't be frightened if your feelings flow as you think they should flow. Nobody knows you more than what you do, be yourself, pay attention, but create your own lessons.Music: (no copyright intended, all rights go to Autor).Contact: or renthal_9@hotmail.comI’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

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Gegründet im Sommer 2004, online seit 01/2006. ist das read-only Archiv der größten Parkour-Plattform im deutschsprachigen Raum und Grundstein der österreichischen Community.
Seit 2021 ist die aktive Community-Plattform. bietet geleitete Trainings/Workshops und ist die Anlaufstelle, für professionelle Anfragen.