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Auch interessant seine Erklärung dazu:

"The "WOAHHHSHITTT!" was probably the one that left the biggest impression in most people's head in my latest video... and here's the clip in raw (and slo-mo).

I actually never wanted to publish this online because I'm not proud of this AT ALL. I hated myself so much for this misjudgment. It is probably the costliest fuck up in the 8.5 years of training... yet I was lucky enough to survive. But since the internet love fail videos... Guess it doesn't hurt to share this to the world. Here's what happened:

I was doing a commercial shoot with Parkour Generations Korea​ at Busan (thus the attire, and thankfully done with the shoot so I had no more further roles), and found this catleap that was pretty okay distance to me... I did it on the side where there is less of a drop (which was also slightly closer) and found it pretty easily so I asked the Korean guys to help me film the jump on the far end. Decided to also walk in to it for some reason (didn't wanna just film it from standing)... Never did I thought that I would have leaned so much forward with my legs still stuck at the back because of having tight-as-fuck trousers that limited my jump so much... And I felt that I should've just held on to the wall somehow but I just fucked it up and took the death drop. Honestly everything happened so quickly in the air I didn't quite know what happened, and sadly the camera did not react at all (actually also really curious to know how I took the drop!). All I knew is I bounced well enough to miss the shelter on the way down and somehow land on my feet on the steps... I was so much in shock that I was still able to walk around (WTF)... thinking if I fucked up any parts of my body but all the Korean guys saw nothing wrong at all. 

As the adrenaline wore off, I could feel the sprain in my lower back... which probably resulted from the huge downwards impact. It had definitely affected my movement but I was actually able to still jump and flip like the next day... I continue on my Asia trip with an injured back (gay as fuck) - it recovered pretty well now but I wouldn't say it is a 100%... 

All I can say is - I had alllllllllll the luck in the world to have survived the jump without fucking up real bad. Could've been paralysed if I hit the shelter or just landed horribly on the edges of the steps and break both ankles and never be able to train again and shit. Instincts and all the weighted squats definitely saved me. 

TL;DR? Wore tight pants and jumped, got held back so much I almost died.
Moral of the story? Don't jump while wearing tight pants. Most fucking stupid decision in my life.

Have to thank Jiho-Kim and all the Korean guys for all the help regarding this incident. Bet it was crazy as fuck to have witnessed it first-hand.

PS: A really scary thought: this was the first time in all my life that I fucked up a jump that you KNOW you CAN'T afford to fuck up. This jump - I knew to myself on any other occasion I would've made the jump relatively easily, which meant that even if it's 3 storeys of 10 storeys - I would've committed to the jump anyway... So, what if it was actually 10 storeys up?"

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schirch, wenn ein vermeintlich simpler armspung so schief geht

wenn man die beschreibung liest und auf sein rechtes knie schaut sieht man, dass sich das kniegelenk ab 90° nicht mehr bewegt (hose spannt) => das hat ihn dann wohl nach hinten gehebelt - da war der mördergrip der schuhe/wand-kombination eher von nachteil

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