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Understanding the Philosophy of Parkour




This is not to detract from the incredible movement feats captured in videos from the Parkour community all over the world, or to overlook the importance of film as a form of language that has enabled the art to spread and expand across continents in the blink of an eye. That’s obvious to all, and will and should always continue as a form of expression, communication and celebration.

But still, it is most often those silent and unsung ‘warriors’ of the Parkour world that keep the spirit of the art alive; that build communities, educate authorities, teach newcomers and give generously of their time, energy and experience to all who show a sincere interest. Parkour has long outgrown any one individual or group of practitioners: it’s a concept – an ideal, perhaps – and one that is powered and maintained by a silent majority of truly strong human beings.


Good read, ist nicht von UF sondern von ParkourGenerations/Dan - Empfehlung meinerseits :]

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18 minutes ago, DekiGk said:

Wait, UF still exists???? Wasn`t it shut down?

UF was put cold and sold to a media company (afair) and then sold to the ashigaru guys in germany

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Thanks for the info. I didn`t know. What they were shut down I thought that was the end of that crap...

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Gegründet im Sommer 2004. Mit tausenden registrierten Mitgliedern im Forum, ist es die größte Parkour-Plattform Österreichs und ein Grundstein der österreichischen Community.