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Must visit spots in Vienna?

Hello, Can anyone recommend me some must see spots I have to train at? 

I am coming at Vienna on Tuesday this week so it would be nice to train with someone also. 

I saw one place which seemed really nice on some yt video, it is place with a lot of wooden pools in various directions, it was some kind of big park, I want to train there :D

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Can u send us a link of the video you are refering to, together with a timestamp?

I think I can help you, but your description is rather vague

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Without knowing the video, I'd guess you mean "Siebensternpark" and right next to it is "Andreaspark" and a bunch of other spots (like "Haus des Meeres") if you go down the Mariahilfer-Straße

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Unfortunately I can't find that video, but I am pretty sure it was monkeeey man's video. 

But judging from Google photos,  Siebensternpark is that park.

Can you recommend me some other cool places like this one? 

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Wow, thank you so much, I hope I will have time to enjoy in these places :)

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