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X-Street Power

I like your style. great Parkour/Freerun/Breakdance/.... skills.

and for just 2years training it's amazing :-P

keep it on...i hope you make more movies^^

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nice freerunning :)

i guess you started brakedancing more than 2 years ago?

Amm, yeh sure... Bboy Matrix have about 5 yrs with break-dance.. but with parkour / free running and street stunts (all acrobatic and trickz), we have about 2 yrs... not 2 yrs yet...

But we train a lot, cos we live from this..., I`m Model ... and we are Actor`s and Stunt`s too. So, we work with all what we do.

Thanks for comments guy`s! it`s really up more power in heart to train ;).


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