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London Chainstore Massacre - Ablaufplan


Ich habe von einer Teilnehmerin des London Chainstore Massacre (by Parkour Generations) eine Zusammenfassung erhalten. Beim Massacre handelt es sich um ein Event zu Halloween, bei dem es um eine gigantische Kraft-Challenge geht. Jeder hat 3 Leben und wenn er Übungen nicht sauber macht, wird immer ein Leben abgezogen - bis man tot ist ;)
Evtl. will jemand die eine oder andere Übung ausprobieren, oder sie bei der Evening-Madness einbauen...

Hier der Bericht:



We had 3 lives. It started of course with warming up, but even there if you couldn't stay at the rhythm they would have cut you a life. QM movments and runs in repetition. Than we have been split in 5 different group and we moved from a challenge to the other. 5 challenges, and only who survived from those could go ahead. I'll list the challenges:

1: a fast and quite long run. Then we have been told we would have done the same but in a much less time, and the only way to make it was to get some point (each point = 2 sec more ) during another section, where we were blind (a band on the eyes) and we had to wonder around the gym looking for some paper tags. There were different tags in every loaction, but only tags coming from different locations counted as valid.

2 an obstacle course, we could have done over and over, but every time we failed 1 thing we had to start again and queue. The person that made the shortest time, and/or whoever didn't finish it had to do it again

3 we had to cross a distance without touching the floor. to make it we had to build a bridge with rails and junctions. To buy a piece we had to earn a coin. The prices of coins were physical challenges as in the photo
4) we had to carry some weights for a long distance. There were a range of weights from 0.5kg to 20/25 kg (women/men) for a total of 10 different pieces. We couldn't carry more than once at a time, that means 10 rounds back and forth + a final one of running with no weights
sorry I was wron, 4 not 5. All those challenges lasted around 30 minutes + time of explanation and displacement from one to the other
the survivors went to another phase.
a) we had to pick up a bucket with a weight on it rolling the rope on a stick (1 floor difference). There were 3 buckets in a row with increasing weight. Tricky rule. Once we started we couldn't stop and arms could not rest on the rail
B) mount on a bar, balance for 1 minute on 1 foot, staying in balance only with hand and feet we had to pick up a weighted vest hung on the bar, to wear it and to balance for 8 minutes. Remove the vest and balance for another minute on the other foot. All that without dismounting
c) push-up 30 in 60 sec for woman and 45 in 90 sec for man d) 750 m with the rowing machine with a stopwatch. the time it took it was then the time you had to hold at the chest height two very heavy kettlebells. while holding you could take breaks, but the stopwatch would pause. Only the 3 fastest total time (rowing+holding) would have kept the life
Final one. Rope climbing with arms only



Das Ganze ging von 10 Uhr Früh bis am späteren Abend :)

Hungry for some strength training now? ;)

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Beim ersten Event dieser Art haben sie die Teilnehmer die Augen verbunden und mit nem Van irgendwo in London ausgesetzt und sie mussten in einer gewissen Zeit den Weg wieder zum Chainstore finden. ^^

Ich finde sie haben viel verschiedene Eventkonzepte auf Lager (RDV bis Night Mission) und es steckt viel Kreativität dahinter. Auch wenn das Massacre an sich mich persönlich nicht so anspricht Respekt an die Leitung und an die Teilnehmer.

THX für den Bericht auch wenn ich mir immer ein bisschen mehr Feeling wünsche und weniger rein sachliche Beschreibung was passiert ist, bei einem Erlebnisbericht. :)

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