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[APK-News]Mirror's Edge Flash Game

rssIcon.gif Mirror's Edge Flash Game

Want to play Mirror's Edge? Don't have an XBox 360 or Playstation 3? Well, you have a few options. You could knock over your local Best Buy, but you might get in some trouble. You could go to a friend's house, but then you'd have to, like, share the controller. Laaame.

Or, you could check out Borne Games (http://www.bornegames.com/?page_id=369) and their Flash version of Mirror's Edge. It's not quite perfect yet, they're still doing beta testing, so why don't we help them out? Play it, have fun, and then submit any bugs you find.

Category: The News - Latest

Publish Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 08:38:11 +0100


Source: American Parkour

Description: American Parkour syndication

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