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[APK-News]Deprevation Training #1 - Fasting

rssIcon.gif Deprevation Training #1 - Fasting

Zachary Cohn (APK Alliance (content/view/2237/345/)) has been experimenting with deprivation training recently. Depriviation training is essentially depriving yourself of something that you've come to rely on, but could easily be taken away. Training Parkour like this, but also just performing every day activities. Things like spending a day without your dominant hand, with no thumbs, or without sight.

In celebration of Thanksgiving today, Zac recently decided to go 72 hours without food. There was obviously no risk of death or serious injury with the length of this fast, but he decided that he had never gone more than 18 hours or so without food, so he wanted to see what three days felt like.

Check out part one, (http://www.zaccohn.com/2008/10/72-hour-fast.html'>http://www.zaccohn.com/2008/10/72-hour-fast.html) two, (http://www.zaccohn.com/2008/11/72-hour-fast-part-2.html'>http://www.zaccohn.com/2008/11/72-hour-fast-part-2.html) and three (http://www.zaccohn.com/2008/11/72-hour-fast-part-3.html'>http://www.zaccohn.com/2008/11/72-hour-fast-part-3.html)to Zac's blog (http://www.zaccohn.com). There's a prelude, a series of twitter updates (Twitter is a microblogging service. You have a 140 character limit, but you can update from the web, or from your cell phone. He used it to keep a log of how he was feeling), and then a summary of the experience and lesson's learned.

Check out the first in a series of deprevation training articles!

Category: The News - Latest

Publish Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 02:12:50 +0100


Source: American Parkour

Description: American Parkour syndication

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