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[APK-News]Ann Kaczka Documentary - First Year Training Park

rssIcon.gif Ann Kaczka Documentary - First Year Training Parkour

Ann Kaczka just released a documentary she has been working on for some time. It's primary focus is on her first year of training, but it also deals with issues women face when training Parkour, and how she not only is overcoming them for herself, but helping other women overcome those obstacles and challenges as well. Very well done, and very inspirational. Great job, Ann!

From Ann: This documentary discusses my first day of training parkour with

David Belle, as well as how that factored into starting the first

ladies' jam in New York. Enjoy, be inspired and train!!!!

Category: Video - Documentary

Publish Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 21:58:55 +0100


Source: American Parkour

Description: American Parkour syndication

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