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[APK-News]Change In News Posting Policies

rssIcon.gif Change In News Posting Policies

When American Parkour first launched, the world of parkour was a lot smaller. People got excited when 5 people showed up to a major jam. David Belle's Rush Hour had aired, along with Sebastien's Nike Chicken ... but very few other major advertisements had come out. No one had ever even considered a national jam. Frankly, there wasn't much news. APK was lucky if we got one news post up a week.

Over the past two years or so, parkour has really exploded in popularity. From commercials to movies, game shows to live performances, from youtube videos to video games, there has been an increasing amount of content that we want the community to know about. Because of all of this, we instituted a one news post a day rule of thumb. Sometimes something big happened and we posted two, or even three things in a single day. Or other times it was just a slow week and we ran out of material to post and nothing got posted for a day or two. But overall, we've done a pretty good job at posting one front page news item a day.

The trend of more and more news hasn't slowed though. For the past few months, we've struggled to decide which content to post. We would have a list of things to post, but new things would keep coming up and pushing less critical items down. And then this would keep happening! Items would get posted on the forums, and it would be a week, or sometimes even two, before we could post them on the main page!

APK has always been dedicated to being at the forefront of Parkour and informing the largest Parkour community in the world (55869 registered members at the time of this post) of all the latest news, and we felt that we were failing you in this respect.

So we have decided to change our strategy, yet again. From here on, the new standard is going to be two to three posts per day. We hope this will allow us to bring you the latest news as soon as we find out about it. No more seeing a thread on the forum for weeks before it's up on the main page... hopefully with this new strategy we can bring you new information the day it happens!

There is a catch to this though. We need news to post! We have a pretty good system in place of finding news to post for you guys and girls, but we can't find everything by ourselves! If you find something and want to see it on the main page, email and it will get posted! Examples of things you could email us include:



Parkour/Freerunning/Training videos


Events (Local and National)

Relevant Health/Fitness/Nutrition Articles

Product Reviews


Cool Pictures

Anything else you want to tell the world!

APK isn't out there for itself; we're a community driven website. We're here for you, and our existence is possible because of you. The more content you submit, the more content we can offer you! Our new catchphrase for newsposting is APK: Bringing You The News As It Happens

-The Management

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Publish Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 00:23:49 +0100


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