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[APK-News]Picture of the Week........ Week

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It was a very busy week last week for me, and I didn't think anything else could make my life more jumbled and overwhelmed. I sit at my desk today and realize I forgot to do the picture of the week last week. Now, most weeks there will be 4 or 5 submissions and its not too big of a problem, but I open up the gallery and see 43 SUBMISSIONS!!!!! OMG. Seeing as the poll only allows 12 options to vote on, this would take a few valuable weeks to spread out, so that would cause more damage than its worth. What does this mean? It means we are having a POTWW (Picture of the Week Week) in order to narrow this selection down to the best few. I have divided the current selections into 2 albums (2-2-2009 (gallery2/v/POTW/2009/2-2-2009/) and 2-9-2009 (gallery2/v/POTW/2009/2-9-2009/)) to be voted on. For the first half of the week, we vote on the first album, the second half we will vote on the second album. 22 sweet photos in one album, 21 in the other. There will be 2 Polls at a time because I can only fit 12 per poll, so just find your favorite and vote in the appropriate poll! Monday - Thursday you will be voting on the album 2-2-2009 (gallery2/v/POTW/2009/2-2-2009/)Thursday - Monday you will be voting on the album 2-9-2009 (gallery2/v/POTW/2009/2-9-2009/) The Winner of each MEGA POTW will receive one of my (Skipper) Personal APK T-Shirts (because I am the one who created this whole mess!)

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Publish Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2009 11:04:36 +0100


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