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Sebastien Foucan über Frerunning (Interview)


teilweise stimme ich zu...

1.What do you think about the FREERUNNING.com video project?

Every project if it's positive is great, if it make people happy it's fantastique also you should think in something who help people to be aware about the environment

especially in this period FREERUNNING is a power and video too we should use it to express the Power of Love and respect!

continuing inspire people this is a good WAY

2.When is the site going to be opend?

My Site will be open soon, i don't have precise date I'm apologie for that but i try to sorted out personal problem and those thing affect my way a lot!

3.What were/are you doing besides freerun?

I'm spending my time to practice and live with my family wich is the most important thing for me

I'm watching what happenning to the PK or Freerunning scene and what people say!

I work on different project I'd like to do (book,DVD)it take time because i'd like to have a perfect control on what i'm doing!

I keep following my way and not the way people want me to go to!

recently i've been busy after i worked on James bond and Madonna tour wich was an opportunity came to me and a fantastic expérience.

i was tired after 9 months Freerunning everywhere but everything have a price and i broke my wrist and have seen my wife and daughter only two weeks and half. then decide to take a break!

4.How do you train;do you do push-ups and thatkind of stuff,

Or just freerun?

I practice natural method and Freerunning

People should know my practicing is different than in a past now all my skills are built

now i just have to keep my level but i still continue to learn from other discipline

Because FREERUNNING compare to Parkour you are free to go Discipline to discipline

and keep learning what you want to learn there is no restriction.

FREERUNNING is an art but also a concept like my mentor did!

It's about EXPRESSING YOURSELF not like only tricking or show off!

You're what the situation want you to be!

5.Does it mather to you if more people train freerun,

or would you be happy if you were the only guy doing it?

It'll be sade if i was the only one When i'm practicing i've got my special place and it's enough for me! where i live there is a lot of Traceurs or Freerunners but only a few can see me!

6.How you broke your barriers of fear(of doing something)

The key point are:

why you have fear? and why you wanna do something and why you can't!


I'm writting something personal on it and i can't say more sorry

7.Did he ever find a use or does he use the vault we showed him? (We call it a buck

vault but seb insisted on calling it the northen munkey vault haha)

Funny i remember! honnestly the name means nothing and practicing is everything

8.As he looks up to bruce lee for inspiration, does he study any of the martial arts he was involved with? (I am stydying the Yip Man lineage of wing chun which was the foundation for jeet kune do)

I only use him as inspiration of freedom thinkng but in my way for the moment i don't need martial art only the philosophy

9.How do you fell about this divide of the discipiline, it once started as Parkour, and then you explored freerunning, which is somthing of it's own.Also I am concerend that one day, FREERUNNING?Freerunning will manifest it'self negetivly, just like the Skateboarders of California, who started there sport so purely, but it got commercialised, and changed into a money making oppurtunity.As we see happening gradualy with Urbanfreeflow

This concerns me deeply, as Parkour is the purist of forms to me, your opinions would be appreciated!PLUS! have you got any thoughts about revisiting England any time soon, how about Bristol?


I don't care about all those matter.

People should think about what they are doing the history shown we can't be unify, too many problems: Jalousy, vengeance, whatever!


Speak good about what you do, help if you can, Develop yourself!

Freerunning is for you and no one can take it!

10.Will you ever re-unite with David BELLE and push forward the message of Parkour/Freerunning? All these rumours I've heard about friendships etc are beggining to bug me...

I will never re-unite with him we have a total different way

and i don't wan't to be associate with some Chief or people who have "the Truth"

Peoples make rumours to make them interesting,

All i can say is: I'm not perfect but I love to be in my different way!

11.How often do you train FREERUNNING? In Lisses or Evry?

Almost every day between 2 and 7 hours it depend on a lot of thing


After more than ten years the small lisses was boring

There is no Capital of FREERUNNING except the World!

12.What happened to the old yamakasi? It was such a strong team but you split up, And does yamakasi have a meaning?

Everything has an end!

they split again but they're still practice

Meaning: Strong spirit, Strong body

13.if you watch bruce lee's interview he talks of the properties of water and says "be water my friend". Sebastien what do you think of this? personally i think that it is perfect! and that it is the best way to describe FREERUNNING, you see an obstacle and we flow over it, in an infinite amount of ways, we can crash go around, or simply go over and flow to our next obstacle.

I agree with you!

14.What do you hope Parkour/Free running will turn into? Do you want it to sort of stay as something more exotic with only a few people doing it, or would you like to see many people doing it everywhere you go?

I'd like Freerunning separate from Parkour definitely and leave is own way

and show people it's not show off and money is a REVOLUTION and something free with no limit!

15.What do you think is the definition of FREERUNNING? Is it about efficiency or "being fluid like water'?

If the answer is "efficiency":

Why do you stubbornly insist that flips are part of Freerunning? Flips are inefficient.

Freerunning is efficency except for people who doesn't like it!

for me to be like water or a cat it's how i feel when i practice it and it's in the same way like martial art philosophy.

If you're an artist and you do a show you realize flips begin efficiency for people who watch and want to be amazed!

If the situation change you change, it doesn't mean you can't be efficient!

If a dog run after me trust me i'll be effficient!

I was firefighter in Paris 2 years and half and i know what is efficiency and what is not!

Who are those people who practice like hell and pretend efficiency and doing nothing except speak on internet like me now:Are they military, Firefighter,doctor or something else?

Are they Artist or just practice for Passion. If it's the case there is no speaking except

Follow your way, enjoy it!

16.Why did you change David Belle definition of Parkour? Why don't you create your own art, instead of changing David Bellle's Parkour to suit your opinions?

David is not a GOD for me, sorry! I don't want to create anything? people wanted!

I don't care about what he say, I respect people who respect me and the work i've done.

Again i never change anything i adapt myself because somepeople start to speak for me like Mr DEMONIERE with PAWA

And David Is not what is pretend to be and all the kids around him will change nothing

He never was alone and no one stole everything from him he change the story like he want:

Like i've done nothing, Hnautra's family and Yamakasi never existed in is life

Wich is great like this!

Who are all those people around him, those kids are so happy to be lieutenant?

I never forget those thing and the people from Lisses who have the same age over 30 years they know!

Of course he were important but never ALONE!


17.what do you feel like when you are training? happy? free? or do you feel more like its required, a job?

For me it's not a trainning it's a Practicing!

And i feel priviledged!

18.what do you feel about urbanfreeflow and WWJ and stuff, do you think they are urbanising the discipline a bit to much?

Maybe they're practicing i don't know you should ask them but not mine, the only one


Sebastien Foucan "a student"

2nd part , new questions and answers

1. How much hours a day do you train?

I normally practice between 2 and 7 hours


2. What do you think about the newest post on David Belle's blog? (http://sportmediaconcept.com/parkour/)

I Heard of it by someone because they mention my name and to be honnest i don't care!

I don't know those persons since a long time ago, they have no legitimity for me and I still don't understand why they use me as reference, now they remember my name!

I don't practice Parkour I practice Freerunning wich is different!

They want to control.

Soon they will make special David Belle Parkour diplôma i think!

It's a matter of Parkour community not Freerunning people



3. What do you think about non-commercial e-zins about Freerunning? Are they good to promote FR?

What is it e-zins?

4. What do you think about connecting the Parkour community on forums? Aren't they just an obstacle to improve our skills?

You mean Freerunning community on forum?

I think like everything, when it's too much it not good

it's necessary, to be honnest many time i thought to close my forum but the new generation need it!

The real life is outdoor!

5. Do you think that traceurs and freerunners are the subculture?

Not yet i think!

6. How long do you train and how old were you when you started training?

I start to practice when i was 14-15

7. What is the best age to start training Parkour?

13-15 is great to start PRACTICE FREERUNNING!

8. Have you ever had a serious injury caused by Freerunning?

No! but during my work i broke my wrist!

9. What do you think about popularization of Parkour and Freerunning? Is it positive or negative?

It's positive if we have more consideration and very negative when to many people show a bad practicing of it

For the discipline on TV it doesn't affect the discipline because all the real practician

who love it know what is good for them!

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