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[APK-News]An Injury - But not Parkour

rssIcon.gif An Injury - But not Parkour

Recently, a 14-year-old boy was taken to hospital last night with serious head injuries after falling 30 foot from a roof in a 'free running' stunt gone wrong. The teenager fell from the roof of a flat on Richmond Place, Southsea, as he attempted to jump a 10 foot gap between two buildings. (The News, an English news website. (http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/newshome/Teenager-seriously-injured-in-30ft.5430231.jp))This accident was attributed to an accident while practicing a Free running stunt. This was not, however, Freerunning. This was simply a case of a misinformed teenage boy trying to emulate videos he saw on Youtube. American Parkour wants to take this opportunity to remind people of two things: 1) Parkour and Freerunning should not be trained on rooftops or over big, dangerous gaps. it is dangerous and reckless. 2) Take care when producing videos of your own. By showing dangerous techniques without the proper warning, disclaimer, and explanation of how much you have trained for this technique, you might be inspiring someone who doesn't know any better to do something that could injure them.Remember, Parkour and Freerunning should be practiced safely, at ground level, and whenever possible, while under the supervision of other experienced traceurs. American Parkour is saddened by this event, but does not condone the activity during which it took place.

Category: The News - Latest

Publish Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 19:42:48 +0100


Source: American Parkour

Description: American Parkour syndication

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