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[APK-News]Be Careful Who You Learn From

rssIcon.gif Be Careful Who You Learn From

This is a warning to all current traceurs, and anyone who is thinking about learning Parkour from someone else. Parkour is still young, and it is still new, and it is growing incredibly fast. Beause of the nature of parkour (it's so exciting and fun and requires no equipment), it has become a popular thing to teach. Places like Primal Fitness, APEX, or the Parkour Visions Gym are run by the most experienced pratitioners in the country, and students can be confident in their trust that their instructors know what they're doing. But if you don't live in one of these places, there might still be a place that teaches parkour. American Parkour encourages you to be careful about these places and these instructors. American Parkour will be releasing a teaching certification early next year so students can have proof of the competence of that instructor, but until then there are a few easy rules you can follow to at least get an idea of how good your potential instructor really is: Ask lots of questions about the parkour, the instructor and the instructor's history. Ask how they started training, where they started, when they started, and who they've trained with. Then go home and do some research, see if you can find any record of their posts online or articles they've written. Try to track down the people they mentioned and contact them to see if they're legit. A good teacher will have made a mark in the community. Ask to watch a class before you commit to anything. A good instructor will be confident in their classes, and should have no problem letting you watch - or even take part - in a class before you sign or pay anything. Do your own research before hand - find out what a good landing looks and sounds like. Find out what a good roll looks like. Then when you watch the class, make sure the instructor demonstrates some techniques and watch for their level of control. If their rolls are sloppy, if their landings are loud, if they don't have any flow... stay away. The instructor is not experienced enough.It's not just that they don't have a full mastery of the techniques. If they haven't been training long enough, they simply aren't experienced enough to fully understand each of the techniques, and how to explain them. Just like you wouldn't learn baseball from someone who first picked up a bat a year ago, or martial arts from a yellow belt, you don't want to learn parkour from an inexperienced teacher. This article was inspired by a recent CNN article featuring Sean Hannah, ( who was a student at Primal Fitness just last summer. By watching the video, you can clearly see his inexperience with parkour techniques. It is dangerous to have inexperienced people teaching parkour, and every injury that results from a inexperienced teacher results in more negative press for parkour.Submit your news to!

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Publish Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 09:06:20 +0100


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