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[APK-News]Help Catherine with her Thesis on Parkour!

rssIcon.gif Help Catherine with her Thesis on Parkour!

Catherine writes...

My name is Catherine Madeo. I am a senior at Columbia University in NYC

studying anthropology. I am doing my thesis on Parkour. I am focusing

my thesis on two spaces that a traceur/traceures occupies. The urban

(or suburban) sites that he/she trains in and the interface sites with

which he/she engages in with the mediated form of Parkour. The thesis

will of course include

the origins of Parkour as well as a discussion of Parkour today bearing

in mind these two differing spaces . It has been my experience with

traceurs/traceures that they come from many different backgrounds. The

survey is a way to bridge the gap of how traceurs/traceures are

represented. It's my effort at locating the specific or particular

backgrounds of a traceur, and to better how they came to find Parkour,

how often they train, use various forms of media, etc. I hope that the

survey will aid my project in presenting a truer representation of

Parkour than what I find in the media.

Please help Catherine's research project and take her survey! (

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Publish Date: Fri, 04 Dec 2009 08:37:46 +0100


Source: American Parkour

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