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I invite you to visit my web. In it you will see video of Parkour looked for from all over the world in forums. In this summary you will be able to see the parkour that make different groups of the world. If you see your video and you don't want to see it there, You write a comment and I will eliminate it as soon as possible of my web. I am not author of the videos and this summary is good to give to know the parkour and how examples for the one that wants to practice it. Visit it and opinion over the project. I am spanish, sorry for my english.


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hi there

are you doing parkour yourself (female traceur?) or do you just collect parkour-videos?

some videos are just bad... bad technique and/or not parkour:



although there are some good videos like:


if you're doing something like that, you should filter the good videos

you can find real/good videos right here: http://parkour-videos.com/

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Gegründet im Sommer 2004. Mit tausenden registrierten Mitgliedern im Forum, ist es die größte Parkour-Plattform Österreichs und ein Grundstein der österreichischen Community.