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our teams first video

dangerous crap.... stop that and start training

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mir ist da gar ned wohl beim Zusehen ...

@TSathlete :

I don't be shure, if you are on the right way!

Forget the cameras, forget videos - pls train basics first and save!

I don't feel well, when watching that video.

Too much "jackassed" action - no parkour/freerunning - just "tricks" to impress your friends, I think ...


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sorry but are you stupid ?


we should care about safety and quotes like these are unnecessary

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well, stop pushing and start training... stay on the ground and start training the basics... as far as i can see, you're far beyond your limits and it's just a question of time, until someone gets hurt....

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Well well that wasn't Parkour anyway.

You obviously have potential, but you're going the wrong way.

If u wanna do parkour or freerunning pls inform about it first. Parkour means to be safe and to last so.

What u do means ruining your body. Like Tom said, it's just a question of time.

Maybe you can impress your friends, or i dunno who, with this video. But the reactions from Traceurs ...yeah u see it ;)

Get safe!

Cheers Benny

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