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[APK-News]My tribute to SFPK's Monthly Jams

rssIcon.gif My tribute to SFPK's Monthly Jams

A of sea change in my training occurred after I attended my first San Francisco Parkour Monthly Jam. After that day, my training was safer, more focused, and more dedicated. In short, after that day I wasn't just jumping around: I was doing parkour. It was June 21, 2008, and only SFPK's sixth of these Monthly Jams. Ryan Fulmer suggested the idea as SFPK was feeling the effects of a parkour boom at the time. Due to the large geographic area SFPK was serving, from Sacramento to Santa Cruz, the idea just made sense and the first one was held in January 2008. Read more for Brett's full account of the SFPK Jams.

Submitted by Brett Robert

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Publish Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2011 21:00:00 +0100


Source: American Parkour

Description: American Parkour syndication

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