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[PkGenerations]Blog: Parkour Video Culture

rssIcon.gif Blog: Parkour Video Culture

Hello blog readers, this is my first post for the PKGen blog. Some of you may know me, but for everyone else my name is Blake, I’m 25 and I first started Parkour about 10 years ago. This has meant that I’ve been lucky enough to watch the scene grow and have met some great people along the way. It has also allowed me to watch how things have changed and trends have evolved. One recent...

Category: Blog entry

Publish Date: Monday, May 2, 2011 - 10:30


Source: PKG Full Feed

Description: Parkour Generations Full News/Blog/Article/Challenge Feed.

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Gegründet im Sommer 2004. Mit tausenden registrierten Mitgliedern im Forum, ist es die größte Parkour-Plattform Österreichs und ein Grundstein der österreichischen Community.