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[Kuch0r-Favs] Tam du Lac

Thanks to Alex for shooting most of the clips.Music : Grizzly Bear " Reprise " I do not own this songEditing: Valentin DuboisFor their ( Tamil and Alexandre ) day in paris, I decided to take them to Evry, and Lisses, Dam du Lac, which is known as the birth place of parkour.A place where we stayed maybe 3 hours. Its also the first time I actually trained there.What was impressive was watching Tamila going up and down the Dam du Lac with no problem. She was dancing with the wall, and no matter how high she was, it didn't affect her speed or flow. It was a nice lesson of self control. This place is filled with nostalgia. What I mean is that, it is a place where the first practitioner came to train. And many people came before you do. So its a bit like walking on someone else's track. Its like knowing this place even though you ever been there. Everywhere you look there's a movement you already saw, the shadow of avery tracer. And you find yourself here, in the middle of this, leaving also your mark. Like trapped between time. Yep I would say this place is definitely lost into times:Its close for insecurity. Maybe its going to be destroyed at any moment, but at the same time its also immortal from all the youtube clips.For the video I went back to music video, kind of a clip. I couldn't use music for a long time, finding it quite illustrative. I didn't change, I still think it is. What has changed ? Well I choose this song, because when we were moving I put it to play at some point on my cellphone.Grizzly Bear's music is filled with beauty, melancholy, and also there's a tragedy sound like. I would say I wanted to give back the atmosphere I was feeling. For the movement I have long take, which shows the all movement. Like extended time, very few cut from one movement to the others, with always slow panoramic.Sometimes I have blurred due to cheap smooth cam effect. I now understand why

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