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[Kuch0r-Favs] 1000 muscle ups in 24 hours trailer 1

The challenge - 1000 muscle ups in 24 hours...Only the strong, I mean really strong, fit and able could even consider the madness of it all. But they did. Whats seems impossible to some is not to others, that's the beauty of challenge.Parkour Generations and a few friends, 24 hours, a certain mindset and strength. Full film coming soon.In London:(in no particular order)Chris 'Blane' RowatStephane VigrouxDan EdwardesChris KeighleyJoe BoyleJun SutoAndy PearsonBruno Peixotosupporting Andy 'Kiell' DayNeil KeighleyShirley DarlingtonAnnty MaraisNaomi HoneyYao GogolyBrian Appiah ObengAlli SheltonTracey TiltmanSpecial thanks to O.L.F& BJ Rule for hosting the event.MusicAndrew PottertonPerception RecordsCameraBruno PeixotoJulie AngelA film byJulie Angel

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Gegründet im Sommer 2004, online seit 01/2006. ist das read-only Archiv der größten Parkour-Plattform im deutschsprachigen Raum und Grundstein der österreichischen Community.
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