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[APK-News]Team Shafty 24/7 #2 a Massive Success!

rssIcon.gif Team Shafty 24/7 #2 a Massive Success!

Team Shafty 24/7 held their second official jam this past Saturday, which ended amidst much excitement and energy. Everyone from the team made it there and got to display (and work on) their skills and techniques. Plymouth Park's Fun Zone was dominated by the team for four straight hours of non-stop parkour and fun. Everyone had a great time and took something from the jam, be it a new skill they discovered or a new goal they planned on reaching up to grab. Cat-leaps, wall-climbs, and cat-hangs were the most common technique used during the event, since there were some great lines to be made of going from one level of the structure to the next and back.

Team members B4k4, deadlyMETAL, and Shinigami all put up post-jam reviews in their APK blogs, which you can read respectively here, (component/option,com_myblog/show,woo-bloody-hoo-.html/Itemid,0/)here (component/option,com_myblog/show,TS-24-7-Jam-2---Write-Up-and-Recap-.html/Itemid,0/), and here (component/option,com_myblog/show,Jam-refections.html/Itemid,0/).

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Publish Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 08:23:37 +0100


Source: American Parkour

Description: American Parkour syndication

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