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Van Helsing

Trip to Vienna

Hey Austrian Traceurs!

My name is Van Helsing and i come from Sweden. This October me and some people from my school are doing a trip to Vienna. And since I do parkour I feel compelled to check out your spots :D

We arrive in Vienna on the 11th of October and go home on the 15th. So I was wondering, do you guys have any scheduled trainings during this period of time and/or do you have any good spots to recommend and maybe directions to these spots?

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


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Hi V.H. - welcome!

scheduled trainings? hum, I don't know, but we can do some "normal" training with showing some spots, having fun & so on.

Just give us a message, when you want to do some training!

Greetz Rocket

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Awesome! The only problem is that it's a trip to learn german, so I have to clear it with my German teacher (apparently we have a tight schedule). And I won't meet her until the 20th august. I'll come with a possible date around that time.

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Be sure to work out something usable with your teacher, cause I don´t doubt that you´d really love the spots here ;)

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Ok. So here's a quick update. I was wrong about he month, the trip will not be done in September but In October. I edited the info in the beginning so no more misunderstanding will be made.

My teacher was thrilled when I said that I had a chance to mingle with the inhabitants (you guys) and said that I will be allowed to skip one or two guided tours to train. So when it's time just give me a time and a date and let's train :D

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ok so it's only 3 more days till we arrive in Vienna.

Can and i'll probably be able to train either tuesday, wednesday or thursday :) can i get a guide?

Bennoni: i'd love to train with you guys :D And I know some german, i'm just not that good at writing german :rolleyes:

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